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Best Letterbox Flowers 2024

Want to order some flowers online but you’re not sure which brand is best for postal bouqets? Read our round up of the best letterbox flowers 2023.

What Are Letterbox Flowers?

If you want to order flowers online, you need to know about the recent trend in online flower delivery that has seen a move towards letterbox flowers, also known as postbox flowers, which means you get flowers through a letterbox.

Instead of a florist making an extra journey just to deliver you a big and unwieldy bunch of flowers, letterbox flowers UK arrive by post, and as the name suggests, usually are designed to fit through your letterbox.

Image Best letterbox flowers top 10

Letterbox flowers use the existing postal and delivery infrastructure and therefore reduce the impact of your flower delivery on the environment.

Best Letterbox Flowers 2023

Choosing the best letterbox flowers in the UK can be a tricky task, since there are new letterbox flower companies blooming onto the market all the time!

We’ve rounded up all the best letterbox flowers UK in 2023 so that you can choose who to order your next bunch from.

The AnnaFloral Ratatouille BouquetLetterbox Shades of PinkPink Confetti Letterbox
Price: £25Price: £34.99Price: £30Price: £23.75
Free DeliveryFree Delivery£4 Next Day DeliveryFree Delivery
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1. Bloom & Wild Letterbox Flowers

bloom and wild logo plus flowers being cut

Bloom & Wild (visit website) are one of the brands that has really made a name for themselves in the UK letterbox flowers market is Bloom & Wild, who are based in London but deliver their Bloom and Wild letterbox flowers nationwide in the UK.

The company was a pioneer and has been sending flowers that fit through your letterbox since 2014.

Bloom and Wild letterbox flowers have a big focus on being a caring company and encourage their customers to do the same by sending lovely flowers.

Don’t get confused – the name can be a bit tricky but it is Bloom and Wild not Wild and Bloom letterbox flowers!

Delivery: Free Next Day Delivery | UK-Wide | | Prices: from £22 – £46
Rating: ★★★★★ | Browse All Bloom & Wild Letterbox Flowers

2. Serenata Flowers

serenata flowers logo and flower box

Serenata Flowers (visit website) are a bit of a wise old bird in the online florist world as they have been sending flowers online since 2003!

Their focus for their letterbox flowers is to spread moments of joy and delight, and enable you as the thoughtful gifter to lift the spirits of whoever you are sending flowers to.

Delivery: Free Delivery By Tomorrow | UK-Wide
Prices: from £29.99 – £34.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ | Browse All Serenata Letterbox Flowers

3. Bunches

bunches logo and flower box

If you’re looking to send fresh flowers by post then Bunches letterbox flowers (visit website) have got you covered. You can order everything from massive bouquets down to 100% plastic-free letterbox flowers.

We love that this is a family-owned company who clearly get a lot of joy from sending the gift of fresh flowers to happy recipients around the UK.

In fact, the company started out as one couple selling flowers from underneath an umbrella in Mansfield! They sent their first bunch of flowers by post way back in 1990 and haven’t looked back since!

Delivery: Free Next Day Delivery | Royal Mail Tracked 24 | UK-Wide
Prices: from £24 – £31
Rating: ★★★★☆ | Browse All Bunches Letterbox Flowers

4. M&S Flowers

image m&S flowers logo

If you want your flowers sourced from trustworthy growers and freshness guaranteed for 5 days, take a look at the selection from M&S Flowers(visit website).

Even better, you can add a little something extra to be delivered with your blooms…Percy Pigs!

M&S don’t actually specialise in just the best letterbox flowers so you will find that their selection combines some that will fit through your letterbox and some that will be left as a bouquet in a safe place.

Our Top Picks for brightening up the start to 2023:

image of marks and spencer spring narcissi flowers

Spring Narcissi Posy– £25.00

Awash with beautiful hues of purple and yellow and white, M&S Flowers’ Spring Narcissi will make the perfect centrepiece to your patio table.

Order here.

image of marks and spencer scented bouquet

Scented Bouquet – £25.00

If you’re after something even brighter and punchier to deck out your summer table then why not opt for this bunch of 18 stems in a mixture of yellow chrysanthemum and pink carnations.

Order here.

Delivery: Free Delivery | UK-Wide | Prices: from £25-£150
Rating: ★★★★☆ | Browse All M&S Flowers

5. Moonpig Flowers

image of moonpig logo

Wait, isn’t Moonpig a card company? Yes, but they sell the best letterbox flowers in the UK to go with those cards! You’ll find a small but curated selection of seasonal blooms to choose from on (visit website).

Are Moonpig flowers good?

While you don’t have the same breadth of choice with some of the other online florists, if you want a flower + witty card combo, Moonpig are a great choice for letterbox flower boxes.

Delivery: Next Day Courier £3.99 | 5 Days Freshness Guaranteed
Prices: from £18-£28
Rating: ★★★★★ | Browse All Moonpig Flowers

6. Zing Flowers

image of zing letterbox flowers

We hadn’t heard of Zing Flowers (visit website) before we started researching the best letterbox flower companies but we’re so taken with them that we simply had to tell you what they have on offer in terms of postbox flowers!

Their focus is on flower delivery that brings a smile to the recipients face, and they do that with their bright yellow boxes and high quality blooms from fair sources.

Here are our favourite Zing Letterbox Flowers:

best letterbox flowers - zing raspberry delight

Letterbox Raspberry Delight – £24.99

Complimenting pinks, purples and burgundy shades will wow you in this bunch of freesias, roses, asters and ruscus.

Order here.

best letterbox flowers - zing roses

Lovely Letterbox Roses – £19.99

For something classic but perfectly vibrant and eye-catching, the lemony hues of these letterbox roses are great.

Order here.

Delivery: Next Day Delivery & Greeting Card £4.50 | Fair & Ethical Sources
Prices: from £20-£30
Rating: ★★★★☆ | Browse All Zing Flowers

7. Bloompost

best letterbox flowers - bloompost logo

Looking for flowers delivered to your letterbox? Why not go with the company that originally invented letterbox flowers!

Like all of the other brands on this list, Bloompost (visit website) will deliver you flowers that fit through your letterbox.

This makes it easy to send a thoughtful gift to a friend, even if you’re not sure if they’ll be home at the time of delivery.

With 4.5 stars on TrustPilot, Bloompost come highly recommended from other UK flower-purchasers who praise their on time delivery and flower presentation.

Bloompost flowers comes with a guaranteed 9 days of freshness, thanks to their patented packaging.

Delivery: Next Day Delivery £3.45 | Eco-friendly Packaging
Prices: from £14.95-£23.95
Rating: ★★★★☆ | Browse All Bloompost Flowers

8. Flower Station

flower station logo and a box of roses and champagne bottle - best letterbox flowers

The folks behind Flower Station (visit website) have a humble story to tell – they started out selling flowers at a former petrol station in North London!

They have grown just a little since then and are now one of the best flower delivery brands not just in London but across the UK.

Although Flower Station focus more on sending bunches of flowers rather than letterbox flowers, we’ve included them in this list because they have such a broad range of flower and plant-related gifts that you can order online.

Delivery: London Same Day Delivery £10 | 24 hr Flower Shop
Prices: from £32 – £110
Rating: ★★★★☆ | Browse All Flower Station Flowers

9. Blossoming Flowers & Gifts

best letterbox flowers - blossoming gifts

While Blossoming Gifts (visit website) focuses more on delivering tied bunches of flowers, they also have a few of options that will fit through the letterbox.

Their 100% happiness guarantee means they promise that your fleurs will last at least a week.

Delivery: Tracked Delivery £3.99 | Prices: from £26.99-34.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ | Browse All Blossoming Flowers Bouquets

10. Flowercard

flowercard logo - best letterbox flowers

The folks at Flowercard have taken letterbox flower delivery to a whole new level by creating greetings cards that are literally bursting with blooms.

This is a cute way to send a personalised card to a loved one with fresh flowers carefully arranged inside it by real florists.

Please note that Flowercards won’t necessarily fit through your letterbox depending which size you order. We thought they were worth a mention in this list though due to their sheer uniqueness!

11. Freddie’s Flowers

freddie's flowers logo

If you’d like your flower delivery to have that friendly-face feeling to them, then you can’t go wrong with Freddie’s Flowers (visit website). They operate a flower subscription service, but you get to choose how often you want your flowers delivered.

The company was launched by Freddie Garland from his parent’s (who are both florists!) back garden in Wandsworth in 2014.

Freddie focuses on picking the freshest and most seasonal flowers to ensure that your letterbox flower delivery is the best it can be.

Delivery: Free Delivery | Prices: £25 per box | First 2 Boxes Half Price
Rating: ★★★★★ | Browse All Freddie’s Flowers

12. Appleyard Flowers

image of appleyard flowers logo

Another company with a neat selection of some of the best letterbox flowers is Appleyard Flowers (visit website).

This is a brand with a big focus on style and they aim to create bouquets with a distinct sense of British flair, while also doing their bit to make flower delivery kinder to the environment.

13. Arena Flowers

image of arena flowers logo

If you’re looking for ethical flower delivery then look no further than the offering by Arena Flowers (visit website).

Based in London, they buy their blooms direct from the source in Holland, meaning they can get beautiful flowers to your doorstep, for less.

What we love about the Arena Letterbox Flowers is that they’ve kept their selection limited, but very high quality. You will generally be able to choose from flowers such as roses and violets, making for a very pretty arrangement once it’s arrived on your doormat!

Delivery: Next Day Delivery £4 | Prices: £19.99 – £29.99 |
Rating: ★★★★☆ | Browse All Arena Flowers

14. Flying Flowers

flyer flowers logo - letterbox flowers

With over 12 million bouquets delivered so far, Flying Flowers really live up to their name.

Their selection of the best letterbox flowers is rather petite, with a focus more on the bigger bunches that won’t fit through the flap, but their letterbox blooms are worth a look!

You can also sign up to one of their Flower Subscriptions.

Cheapest Letterbox Flowers

image of woman holding bouquet of letterbox flowers

If you’re on a budget, we have written an overview of the cheapest letterbox flower bunches available in the UK at the moment.

What are the cheapest letterbox flowers?

The very cheapest option for postbox flowers in the UK is £14.95 + £3.45 delivery (Order from Bloompost).

Flower prices are changing all the time, but at the time of writing, these are the cheapest letterbox flowers in the UK:

The Letterbox Candyfloss Gypsophilia

  • £18 + £3.99 Next Day Delivery
  • Buy from: Moonpig*
pretty flowers in a vase with box

The Anna

image of bloom and wild flowers

Best Letterbox Flowers With Free Delivery

You might be wondering what are the best letterbox flowers with free delivery.

Of course! The following online florists have free delivery:

It’s always worth keeping your eyes peeled for any free delivery codes – if we spot any we will share them here!

Letterbox Flowers With Chocolates

If there’s one thing better than flowers arriving in the post, it’s flowers AND chocolates arriving in the post!

Sometimes companies offer a deal where you even get a free box of chocs with your flower delivery, worth keeping an eye out for those!

Letterbox Flowers FAQs

What Do Letterbox Flowers Look Like?

Letterbox flowers won’t look like your tradition bouquet when they first arrive. That’s because they are packaged flat, stem-by-stem, in a box that will fit nicely through your postbox.

They’ll usually arrive un-opened, in a pre-bloom state since this protects the petals while in transit.

You will then receive a guide in the box about how best to arrange your flowers, so your fleurs can look however you like, because they turn you into the florist!

Are Letterbox Flowers In Water?

No – letterbox flowers are usually sent dry-packed, but in special packaging that ensures their freshness and keep your stems moist.

The best letterbox flower brands will be careful to only pick flower varieties that will cope with a water-free delivery, and they’ll include a care guide to help you look after them when they drop through your door.

How Much Do Postbox Flowers Cost?

The great thing about postbox flowers is the wide range of price points. You can spend a small amount on a simple batch of pretty stems, or spend a bit more on a more varied bouquet.

Because the flowers can be delivered by post, costs are kept down compared to traditional flower delivery.

  • Letterbox flower prices start from around £14.99
  • The mid price point for a bunch of flowers that fit through your door is about £25
  • The most expensive letterbox flowers online are £65

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the best letterbox flowers, why not split the cost with a couple of pals and gift as a group?

Are Letterbox Flowers Good?

They are great! We love them because they combine something super pretty and extravagant with a very simple and practical way of delivering.

If you’re still unsure if letterbox flowers are for you, take a look at this YouTube review of Bloom & Wild Letterbox Flowers.

Advantages of Letterbox Flowers:

  • No need to wait in for the postman
  • Pre-order in advance for your chosen delivery day
  • Can mostly be delivered to almost any address, including businesses & hospitals
  • More affordable than traditional, large bouquets that have to be delivered by a florist
  • Plenty of great deals that involve free delivery and discount codes
  • Add in little extras such as chocolates or a card for a small additional cost.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to letterbox flowers, compared with ordering a bouquet delivery. The main one is the size of the bouquet, since in order for it to fit through your letterbox, they can’t include as many stems needed for a large arrangement.

How Do Letterbox Flowers Stay Fresh?

The secret to keeping letterbox flowers fresh while in transit lies in the way they are packaged.

  1. Firstly, the flowers are sent while “in bud” which keeps the freshness in.
  2. They are carefully wrapped in paper and packaged in a sturdy box to ensure minimal bashing on the journey.
  3. Where necessary, some stems will have a hydration vial attached to keep it fresh.

Amazingly, the best letterbox flowers are usually not sent in water, but remain fresh for the journey, ready to be popped into a vase with plenty of water when they arrive!

How Long Do Letterbox Flowers Last?

Because letterbox flowers are sent in bud, they are able to last much longer.

flower comparison: in bud to bloom
Source: Bloom & Wild

Once your flowers arrive, you’ll be able to follow the care instructions on the enclosed leaflet to get them arranged and happy, ready for them to bloom 1-2 days later.

How long the flowers last after blooming depends on the variety, atmosphere and the care you give them. Often you’ll be given a packet of flower food to help keep them perky.

Letterbox flowers tend to last 5-7 days once flowered.

How To Arrange Letterbox Flowers

If you’re concerned that you’re lacking the creativity and skill to turn your box of letterbox flowers into a beautiful arrangement, then you need not fear.

All the companies we’ve recommended here include a flower arranging and care guide which will help you create a stunning bouquet from your blooms, all you’ll need to a good pair of scissors, a vase and a slosh of water to keep them fresh!

How To Send Letterbox Flowers

So how do you send letterbox flowers? It couldn’t be easier, in fact one of the best things about ordering letterbox flowers online is that you can order them in advance to be delivered on a set day.

So let’s say you’re always forgetting your anniversary, or your mum’s birthday, simply order the flowers on a day that suits you, ready to be delivered on a day you choose, posted through your letterbox.

Usually you can also include a card with a greeting either free of charge, or for a small extra fee.

Have you ever bought or received letterbox flowers? Check here if you’re looking for tips on how to look after your letterbox flowers.

We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

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