image of hen party cakes

Best Hen Party Cakes 2024

image of hen party cakes

Nothing says celebrate better than some yummy cake, which is why ordering hen party cakes, cupcakes and brownies is a must for any upcoming bridal showers.

First of all you need to decide what you want, will it be a full on hen party cake, hen party cupcake or rather a load of brownies for the hens to dig into? How much work do you want to put in, or do you just outsource the whole thing and order hen do cupcakes online?

Hen Party Cakes

If you’re in the market for something to feed all the hens, then it’s a good idea to go with a hen party cake.

These come in a huge variety of designs and you can either decide to go with something classy and understated, or choose a personalised hen party cake that has the bride’s name and face on it!

The Best Personalised Hen Party Cakes

We’ve rounded up our favourite customised bridal shower cake ideas to give you a little inspiration for what to order.

Personalised Hen Party CakeFloral Personalised Slab CakeBride To Be Cake
Price: £14.99Price: £30.00Price: £39.99
Baker DaysKonditorBakerdays
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The Best Hen Party Brownies

Hen Party Cupcake Ideas

There are LOADS of places online where you can buy hen party cupcakes so it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing which to go with, especially when you’ve got loads of other things to sort out before the hen weekend. 

Best Hen Party Cupcakes 2023

Here are our favourite hen party cupcakes that you can order online:

12 Hen Party Cupcakes12 Keep Calm Hen Cupcakes12 Photo Cupcakes
Price: £28.99Price: £28.99Price: £28.99
View Website View Website View Website

If you’re brave enough to handle the whole baking process yourself and create hen party cupcakes from scratch, then here are a few ideas for hen do cupcakes: 

  • Bride’s face cupcakes
  • Groom’s face cupcakes
  • Willy cupcakes 
  • Boob cupcakes
  • L Plate cupcakes
  • Cocktail cupcakes
  • Gin & Tonic Flavour Cupcakes
  • Rude hen party cupcakes
image of hen party cupcakes

Hen Party Cake Decorations

For all other hen do cake decorations then some of the best places are to look are Amazon and Etsy. 

Edible Hen Party Cupcake Toppers

You might be a confident baker,  but feel a little daunted at the idea of pulling off the decoration part. Let us introduce you to hen party cupcake toppers. 

Take a look at these great examples:

12 Photo Cake Toppers12 Custom Cake Toppers6 Bride & Groom Cake Toppers
Price: £10.50Price: £10.50Price: £12.00
View Website View Website View Website

These are THE BEST. You can order them super easily online from loads of places (see our recommendations below) and you can either choose simple, ready-made designs that say things like ‘Hen Party’ and Team Bride’, or you can choose to design your own to customise them to the bride.

For example, you could go with cupcakes that say “Future Mrs Smith”, “Lauren’s Hen Do 2023” or something a bit ruder…. 

image of hen party cupcake toppers

Another great idea for hen party cupcake toppers is to get ones with your bride’s face on! You simply upload a photo of the bride along with whatever text you want and it’ll be sent to you in edible form in just a few days!

The hen do cupcake toppers come in a range of sizes and you can choose how many you need. They’ll come delivered in a sheet so you can just peel them off and pop them on your hen party cupcakes.

Where to buy hen party cakes toppers

We’ve researched the best places to buy hen party cupcake toppers and think these websites have the best variety of unique designs and value for money:

  • Etsy
  • Bakerdays
  • Cutter & Squidge

How much to hen party cupcake toppers cost?

The great thing about edible hen party cupcake toppers is that they are very affordable.

Prices vary depending on how many sheets of toppers you need and how intricate your design is, but the average hen do cupcake topper costs between £1-£4 per topper, usually ordered in a pack of 10-12.

Even if you aren’t the next Mary Berry you can order your hen party cupcake toppers online and then pop them onto some store-bought cupcakes with a splodge of butter cream and everyone will still be super impressed!

Are hen party cupcake toppers edible?

Of course! Edible cupcake toppers are made from icing, usually fondant, royal icing and sometimes chocolate meaning you get to literally eat your best friend’s face. Or lick it, whatever floats your boat.

How to make your own hen party cupcake toppers

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can also make your own edible hen party cupcake toppers by using a stamp. 

iamge of hen party cake stamper

You can order a custom cupcake fondant stamp for less then £5 on Etsy saying something like “Claire’s Hen Do – 23.09.22” and then simply roll out some fondant icing and get stamping with your fondant embosser! 

Decorative Hen Party Cake Toppers

image of future mrs cake topper hen party

You don’t have to buy edible cake toppers, there are also oodles of creative and pretty hen party cupcake decorations that you can add to either a large sponge cake or individual hen party cupcakes to go in your hen party gift bags.

Pretty, non-edible hen party cupcake toppers also come in a huge variety of designs, everything from naughty things like “Same penis forever” to “She said yes” to “Future Mrs Walker”.

Again there are loads of places to buy these decorative hen party cakes toppers, but our current faves are:

  • Etsy
  • Not On The High Street
  • Party Pieces
  • Amazon

Best Decorative Hen Party Cake Toppers 2023

Here are our top hen do cupcake toppers that you can’t actually eat and are for decorative purposes only:

Custom Hen Party Cake TopperShe Said Yes Cake TopperPersonalised Hen Party Cake Topper
Price: £20.70Price: £6.25Price: £6.00
View Website View Website View Website

Rude Hen Party Cakes Toppers

Fondant Penis Cake TopperCustom Rude Hen Party Cake TopperSame Penis Forever Cake Topper
Price: £19.99Price: £8.99Price: £7.00
View Website View Website View Website

Where To Buy Hens Party Cakes Online

As we mentioned, there are plenty of options when to comes to where to buy hen party cake online, but what are the best ones?

1. Konditor

2. Bakerdays

image of bakerdays logo

This Nottingham-based institution has made a name for itself nationwide with their superior celebration cakes, and they’ve really gone for it when it comes to hen do cakes, and they offer next-day UK delivery.

Not only do they offer great cupcakes for hen dos, but they also do letterbox cake that can be delivered when you’re not in!

Check out Bakerdays’s top hen party cakes → here.

3. Chummys Bakery

image of chummys bakery logo

Based in the West-Midlands, Chummys Bakery offers UK-wide delivery in beautiful eco-friendly packaging. You can even create your own brownie delivery box.

Check out Chummys Bakery’s top hen party cakes → here.

4. Positive Bakes

5. Cake or Death

6. Cutter & Squidge

image cutter and squidge logo

If you haven’t spend hours already ogling the beautiful cakes created by London’s premier bakery on Instagram then give these guys a follow right away!

This family-run, all-natural bakery is the perfect choice for sourcing your hen party cakes because it was in fact started by two cake-loving sisters. Yay for girl power!

Not based in London? No worries, C&S have lots of cake that can be delivered UK-wide.

Check out Cutter & Squidge’s best hen party cakes → here.

Where to buy cakes for a hen do – Summary

To conclude, hopefully that has give you a good head start to finding the perfect hen party cakes for your upcoming bridal shower, let us know in the comments how it tastes!

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