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Hen Party Games: The Ultimate List

Get the weekend off to a great start with our ultimate list of hen party games.

Whether you’re a group of 2 hens or 32 hens, we’ve rounded up all the best hen party games ideas that will help your hens get to know each other and break the ice.

image of printable hen party games bundle
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We’ll give you a brief overview of what each party games for your hen are the best, what each involves and whether you’ll need to prepare or print anything in advance.

We’ve got a whole load of printable hen party games to recommend for you too!


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Take a pen with you and encourage her to tick off her tasks on her night out – don’t forget to get photographic evidence of each one!

What Are The Best Games For A Hen Party?

Many of these are completely free hen party game ideas which are perfect if your hen party is on a budget. Some you will need to print off some bits and others involve buying something.

1. Mr & Mrs

image of hen party game mr and mrs

One of the classic hen party games ideas is Mr & Mrs. Put your bride in the hot seat and ask her all those burning questions about her relationship with the groom. The more she gets wrong, the more she has to drink! Here are some hints on how to play Mr & Mrs.

If you want to make your hen do game preparations easy, buy our Printable Mr & Mrs game on Etsy.

Alternatively, you can also buy one online for about £7 (View on Amazon*)

2. Advice For The Bride

image of advice for the bride pintable

Another top hen party game idea is Advice For The Bride. Give each hen a sheet with prompts for them to anonymously offer the bride their advice for a long and lasting marriage. Then she has to go through the slips and guess who gave which advice.

Buy our Advice For The Bride Printable → here.

3. Prosecco Pong

This is by far one of the most fun party games for a hen do.

Think beer pong, but classier. You can either buy a hen party Prosecco pong set (About £10 on Amazon*) or put your own together with a ping pong ball, some (ideally) plastic or non-breakable cups and plenty of Prosecco.

Set the cups up on a table and see who can bat the ball into the most glasses, then you drink them. Also very doable: Gin Pong!

4. Hen Party Bingo

image of hen party bingo printable

This hens party game will appeal to your pals and your nan alike – hen party bingo sheets that you can play over the course of the evening or even the whole weekend.

You can buy printable hen party bingo sheets that include things such as “drink champagne”, “one of the hens gets drunk-naked” or some have challenges for the hens to complete such as: “Get a stranger to buy you a drink.”

If you want to make it easy, simply download our hen party bingo printable → here

5. Nail Polish or Porn?

image of nail polish or porn printable

This is a hilarious one – gather a list of porn titles and mix it up with some nail polish titles. Then put your hens to work on trying to decipher which of then are porn and which are nail varnish. Let’s try it out: ‘Tell me about it, Stud.’

(That’s a nail polish btw.)

Check out our tips → how to play Nail Polish or Porn

Download our hen party game printable → here

6. Guess the dress

image of guess the dress printable

Give each hen a piece of paper and ten minutes to sketch out what they think the bride’s dress is going to be like.

Even better, you can download our Guess The Dress printable below for each hen and use them to design a professional wedding dress for your bride!

For the best results, we recommend getting some white gel pens or even using Tippex pens so that the white dress shows up well.

Download our Guess The Dress Printable from Etsy.

Then the bride gets to choose either the best representation of her dress, or if she wants to keep the wedding dress completely secret until the big day, she can just choose her favourite.

7. Pin The Penis

A bit like a much more risqué version of your fifth birthday party, except this time there’s not a donkey in sight for this funny hen party game, which is also known as “Pin the junk on the hunk.”

You can either make your own DIY man and penis to pin, purchase a handily pre-made one or buy a printable pin the junk (View on Etsy)

8. Make A (toilet paper) Wedding Dress

One of the most memorable and funny hen party games you can play. All you need is plenty of loo roll and a gaggle of creative hens. The best way to play this game is to split the party into groups and get each to dress a ‘bride’ and then the real bride judges who is the winner.

9. Who Am I?

Another classic that you can easily turn into a great hen party game. Stick a post it note with a famous person on each hen’s head and go round the group with each hen asking questions to guess who they are.

Fun hen-twists to this game would be: Make someone the groom, give someone wedding-related alter-egos, such as “The Wedding Singer”.

Here is a guide about how to play Who Am I? and why it is a great hens party game.

10. Hen Do Pictionary

Make, buy or print off a load of cards with wedding-related words on, split the hens into teams and then take it in turns for one hen from each team to have to draw what is written on the card.

The rest of their team has to guess what they are drawing.

Good wedding words for Hen Party Pictionary:

  • church
  • altar
  • rings
  • bride
  • groom
  • wedding breakfast
  • wedding dress
  • bridesmaids
  • speeches

If you want to make it easy, about £5 will buy you a set of hen party pictionary cards. (View on Etsy*)

11. Over or Under?

image of over or under hen do game

One of the less well-known games for a hen party is called Over or Under.

It involves a sheet with statements relating to the bride and the upcoming wedding and each hen has to guess whether the true answer lies over or under what is written in the statement.

12. Play Doh Groom

Another hen party games idea that will have you reminiscing with those hens you’ve known since pre-school. Give each hen a lump of Play Doh and a body part of the groom-to-be to make.

Once you’re all done, piece it all together and your bride has got her very own Play Dough Groom to take home with her!

This can also be done with air-dry clay for a more permanent groom figurine.

Buy Play-Doh → Amazon.

Buy Air-dry Clay → Amazon.

13. Cock Or What?

Time to tackle (pardon the pun) one of the more naughty hen do games.

Print off a load of pictures of penises (please don’t do this at work!) and a load of other things that LOOK like potential penises then get your hens to guess which is a willy, and which isn’t.

Perhaps one to avoid if you’ve got your grandma joining your hen party, but the rest of the gang will love it.

14. Murder Mystery

If you’re looking for a game you can play with all the hens, why not try a murder mystery experience!

This one might require a bit of forward planning, especially to make sure you all get into character.

Never done a Murder Mystery before? Try this one from Amazon.

15. Write A Poem About The Bride

One of the more classy hen do game ideas is to split the group into teams and challenge each to write a poem about the bride. The bride then has to read them all out and crown one team the winner.

Think along these lines:

When Louise got a new squeeze,
we thought it would be over in a breeze,
but Aaron was in it for the long run,
because our Lou is super duper fun.

16. Balloon Pop Questions

Blow up a load of balloons and slip a piece of paper with a question about the bride on into each one. Everyone has to grab a balloon over the course of the evening, pop it and try and answer the question correctly. Get it wrong, the hen drinks, get it right and the bride drinks!

17. Name That Tune

Play some well known songs – or to keep it on topic play some wedding- themed songs – and ask the hens to guess which song is being played. You can up the ante and the hilarity with this one by giving each hen a song on a piece of paper and asking them to hum it while you all guess. Don’t forget to film them!

Download our Name That Tune Printable.

18. Mitts And Tights Race

Do you remember that game when you were young where you had to take it in turns to get dressed up in a hat, gloves and scarf and then eat a Mars bar with a knife and fork as quickly as you could?

We’ve got a hen party game version for you.

Put a pile of tights in the middle of the room and give each hen a pair of oven gloves. Shout go and see who can be the first to put on a pair of tights while wearing a pair of oven gloves.

Cue the hilarity, definitely one of the most funny hen party games.

19. Hen Party Piñata

Was there ever a better excuse to be showered in sweets? If you’re looking for one of the most fun hen party games then grab yourself a piñata stick and get bashing.

You can either buy a piñata or make your own.

Making your own is super fun because you can fill it with surprises that are relevant to the bride. Other good things to pop in: plastic shot glasses, hen party accessories and photos of the groom.

Where To Buy A Piñata For Your Hen Party

We’ve scouted around and we believe that these are the best hen party piñatas available right now.

Hen Party PiñataCactus PiñataShiny Ice Cream PiñataAvocado Piñata
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Prices start from around £20-30 depending on size and contents. Behave.

20. Lies About The Bride

Each hen writes a list of three statements about the bride. This could be based on times they’ve spent together or things that only they know about her. For example, “Lisa once peed behind a wheelie bin on a night out.” You know the kind of thing!

Two of them are true but one is a big fat lie. The rest of the hens have to guess each time which is the lie.

21. How Well Do You Know The Bride?

Along the same lines as the previous idea, one of the best hen party games is a quiz to test how well the hens know the bride. You can put this together with the help of the bride and include some really challenging ones as well as some easier ones.

“What grade did Sophie get in her Maths GCSE?”
“How old was Sophie when she got her period?”
“Where did Sophie and Dan go on their first date?”

Download our Has She Ever? Printable on Etsy.

22. Hen Party Charades

Gather a list of wedding-related films and give each hen a film to act out as a charade. You could also do this in groups.

Download our Printable Hen Party Charades on Etsy.

List of wedding films

Bridesmaids,27 Dresses, Father of the Bride, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, Destination Wedding, Four Weddings and a Funeral. My Best Friend’s Wedding, Mamma Mia, The Proposal, The Wedding Planner, Made of Honor, Bachelorette, Muriel’s Wedding, The Wedding Singer, American Pie: The Wedding, License to Wed, Bride and Prejudice, Runaway Bride, Monster-in-Law, Honeymoon in Vegas, Father of the Bride, The Princess Bride, Meet the Parents, The Wedding Date, Corpse Bride, I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry.

23. Hen Party Pass The Parcel

There seems to be a bit of a theme with these hen party games and it is making us feel very nostalgic.

Put together a hen do pass the parcel where each layer is ripped off to reveal a miniature bottle of something alcoholic that has to be downed before the next round of pass the parcel can begin.

Also possible as a non-alcoholic hen party game!

24. Bite The Biscuit Willy Challenge

One of our favourite hen party games because it involves both biscuits and willies.

Give each hen a biscuit, ideally something substantial and with a large and pliable surface area such as a digestive or HobNob (haha!).

Shout GO and each hen has two minutes in order to make their biscuit into the most willy-shaped biscuit they can, using only their teeth.

Yes it’s a silly hen do game and everyone will love it!

25. Guess the age of the bride

Let’s take the bridal shower ideas back to something a little more sedate shall we. Print off a load of photos of your lovely bride at different ages (the more embarrassing the photos the better) and you all have to guess what age she was in each one.

The Mother of the Bride will be a big help in getting hen party game prepared!

26. Hen Party Truth or Dare

Hen party dares is one of the brilliant hen do games to play with the gang, or make it even more old school and do hen party truth or dare.

The Best Hen Party Drinking Games

If you’re looking to liven up the bash with some hen party drinking games then check out these drinking game ideas for hen dos.

While many of the ideas in the hen party games list above are all suited to involve a good amount of alcohol, this list below has some of the most fun hen party drinking games.

27. Never have I ever

A great one to tease all those secrets out of your hens for a rip-roaring evening of drinking fun. If you’re not sure how it goes, it’s very simple.

You go round the circle and take it in turns to say something you have never done. Anyone in the circle who has done that thing has to take a swig of their drink.

28. Hen Night Scavenger Hunt

This is one of those hen party drinking games that takes a bit of planning but is so so worth it. Come up with a list of tasks for your hens to complete while you’re on your night out. Each time a hen completes a task, everyone else has to drink! Ideas for tasks:

  • Get someone to buy you a drink
  • Get free club entry
  • Have a dance off between two of the hens
  • Kiss a man with a beard

If you want to skip the planning, check our our Hen Party Scavenger Hunt Printable.

29. Banned Words

women laughing playing games at hen party

Another fun hen party game classic is to provide all the hens with a list of words that are banned for either the evening or the whole weekend! Any time someone says one of the banned words, they have to down a shot. Ideas for banned words:

  • The name of the groom
  • Wedding
  • Hot Tub
  • Dress
  • Vodka

30. Find A Groom-a-Like

Another of the great hen party games to play while you’re out and about. Challenge the hens to find a groom-a-like! The hen that finds the man that the bride thinks looks most like her husband-to-be wins!

31. Where Did We Meet?

Each hen takes it in turns to tell the story of where she and the bride first met. The rest of the hens have to guess whether she is telling the truth or is fibbing. If she gets away with the lie, everyone else has to down a drink.

32. Wedding Would She Rather?

image of printable would she rather game

Come up with a list of wedding would you rathers and for each one decide which you think the bride would choose. If the hens get it right, the bride drinks, if they get it wrong, they drink!

Download our Would She Rather Printable.

Ideas for wedding would you rather:

  • Would you rather marry Ant or Dec?
  • Would you rather get married in the ocean or in the air?
  • Would you rather have no wedding dress or no wedding guests?
  • Would you rather have no bridesmaids or 100 bridesmaids?

33. Garter Hot Potato

Get yourselves a garter then give it to one of the bridesmaids.

Tell the hens at the start that the challenge is for them to pass it between themselves, unnoticed by the bride, for the rest of the weekend. If anyone gets caught out, it’s shot time!

image of garter for hen party games

34. Hen Party Twister

You can make your very own hen party Twister game to enjoy some messy fun. Instead of colours, assign each colour to a member of the wedding party, so if the arrow lands on blue it’s the name of the best man, if it lands on red it’s the bride etc.

Then get started and you’ll soon find yourself calling out things like: “Amy, put your left hand on James, Jess put your right foot on Amanda.” Anytime someone falls over they have to drink, which won’t help of course.

35. Cocktail Challenge

Grab a load of cocktail ingredients and bring them along to your hen weekend. A good way to do this without it costing the earth is to say you’ll provide a load of mixers and extras like straws and drink decorations and ask each hen to bring a bottle of spirit.

Set up a long table with all the mixers and spirits etc then shout go and each hen has 3 minutes to put together their own DIY cocktail creation.

Once the time’s up, the bride has to try everyone’s creations and crown one hen the chief cocktail maker for the weekend!

If you’re keen on the cocktails, check out our Best Cocktail Making Kits.

36. ‘Drink If’ Game

image of printable hen party game drink if

A bit like Never Have I Ever, each hen takes it in turns to suggest a scenario that causes the rest of the hens to drink.

This is one of those hen party drinking games that can get everyone really drunk really quickly as you’re all in charge of making sure everyone falls into the various ‘Drink if’ scenarios.

For example, Drink If…

  • You’re wearing underwear
  • You’re a bridesmaid
  • You’ve known the bride more than 5 years
  • You’ve seen the bride paralytic more than once

If nothing else, you’ll find out who decided not to wear underwear this evening!

If you want a fuss-free version, you can get a Drink If Game pack online for about £5 (View on Amazon*)

If you want a cheaper version, use our Drink If Printable Game.

37. Naughty Ring Toss

Is it really a hen party if you haven’t spent at least 10 minutes with a plastic willy strapped to your forehead?

image of ring toss hen party game

This is a naughty hen party game where you have to catch the rings on the penis strapped to your head. Make this into a hen do drinking game by making everyone who misses a ring do a shot!

Buy Ring Toss on Amazon.

38. Drunk Hen Jenga

Get yourselves a Jenga set, or even better a GIANT Jenga set (Buy Jenga here*) and give each hen a brick or two and a Sharpie. Everyone writes down a dare on their brick, then you put all the bricks back together and you play!

When the tower inevitably topples, the hen that caused the collapse has to carry out the dare written on the brick that she removed.

39. Pass The Balloon

A classic hen party game – try and pass an inflated balloon between the whole group of hens without using your hands, without dropping it and without bursting it. After a few cocktails.

Not much prep needed for this fun hen do game, just use one of the balloons from your hen party decorations supplies.

Of course many of these hen party drinking games suggestions involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

While it’s fun to enjoy a few drinks to make the party go with a bang, don’t pressure anyone who really doesn’t want to drink alcohol, and keep an eye on any hens who look like they might be on the brink of paralytic.

Look out for each other!

Disclaimer: Links marked with a * are affiliate links. We earn a small commission for each purchase you make, it doesn’t cost you any more but it helps support Plan The Hen.

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