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50 Fun Hen Party Themes For 2024

Are you looking to inject even more fun to your last night of freedom with some hen party themes? We’ve got the ultimate list of hen do dressing up themes to inspire your special event. 

When it comes to choosing a hen do theme, the options fall into 3 main categories:

  1. Funny Hen Party Themes
  2. Classy Hen Party Themes
  3. Naughty Hen Party Themes

There are some great ideas for all these kinds of hen do themes, so read on to choose the best one for your hen party, or find a theme that will suit the bride.

When we talk about themes, the best way to integrate this into your hen weekend is to ask all the hens to dress up in hen party fancy dress costumes relating to the theme. 

Funny Hen Party Themes

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Most of the best hen party fancy dress themes are the funny ones. If you’re looking for silly hen party themes then read on:

1. Dress Up As The Bride/Groom

This is a hen party theme that is very tailored to your bride, because it involves you all dressing up as her – or as her husband to be!

Get together with the other hens and decide which version of the bride you want to be, all buy the some ‘very her’ outfit and then print out masks with her face on.

image of grooms face hen do theme
Image source: Etsy

You can get personalised bride/groom photo face masks like these on Etsy for as little as £2 each.

2. L-Plates & Bunny Ears etc

This is probably your most classic hen party look that just screams gaggle of tipsy gals on a fun night out.

This usually involves the bride donning L-Plates and the hens all wearing either pink bunny ears (go with light-up ones to find each other easily at the club) or something equally silly and cutesy. You might also want to add extras such as feather boas, tiaras and a garter for the bride. 

Get pink fluffy L-plates → here

Get light-up bunny ears → here

3. Disney Characters

If you’ve got a bride who can’t get enough of Disney then a great hen do theme idea is for each hen to be assigned a Disney character’s look to recreate! 

disney themed hen party

Let the bride pick hers first, then you can all choose which Disney princess (or villain!) you want to emulate. You could make this hen party theme even more fun by pulling names out of the hat and not revealing who you will be until the night! 

Best Disney characters to dress up as for a hen party:

4. Where’s Wally 

This is a really simple hen party fancy dress outfit to achieve as it just involves everyone buying a red and white striped jumper and blue skirt and stripe tights or trousers as well as a hat. You certainly won’t struggle to spot each other on the dance floor!

image of wheres wally hen party theme

Buy a Where’s Wally costume → here.

5. Eurovision Hen Party 

If you’ve got a bride who is Eurovision-mad then why not make the hen party theme Eurovision itself! All pick your fave – or worst – Eurovision act of all time and style your hen party costumes on them! 

Of course you will all need to be prepared to belt out a song in the style of your icon. 

6. Cheerleaders 

It’s the perfect hen party fancy dress idea for any brides who were big Bring It On fans back in the 00s – why not all dress up as cheerleaders. This is also an easy one to organise because you can find lots of affordable cheerleader costumes for hen parties online. 

image of hen party cheerleader fancy dress

Buy a cheerleader costume → here

7. Pyjama Party

There’s nothing to say you have to wear dresses and heels to a hen, you can also head out in your comfies! Even better if you all get matching and personalised PJs to wear out. 

Personalised Bridesmaid PyjamasWhite Cotton Bride Print TshirtEucalyptus Personalised Satin Pyjamas Bride's Squad Pyjamas
Price: £25

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8. Harry Potter

For any Potterhead brides out there, there really is only one option when it comes to choosing the hen party theme – it’s got to be HP! 

The good thing about this idea is that there are so many Harry Potter hen party outfit options available.

image of harry potter themed hen do fancy dress

Get a Harry Potter hen party costume → here

9. Spice Girls 

For the ultimate Girl Power! theme for a hen party, then you need to go Spice Girls. This obviously works best when there are five hens, but there’s also nothing stopping you having 2 or 3 Geri’s and Scary Spices. 

Here’s a helping hand to recreate the classic Geri look:

image of hen party fancy dress ideas

This is from Cazaar and costs £17.99 (Click to view).

10. Musicals 

If your girl can’t get enough of the musicals, then why not throw her a Musicals-themed hen do! This is of course even better if you are planning on seeing a musical as part of the hen. 

What is great about this hen do costume theme is that the character options are endless so however many hens you’ve got, there will be a costume for them.

Here are some Musicals Fancy Dress Ideas:

11. Sexy Sailors

Set sail on the high seas for a rip-roaring hen party voyage when you all dress up as sailors for a hen party. There are loads of sailor costumers available, ranging from the serious to the sexy.

Get a sailor costume → here

12. Golfers

It might be a while since you did Pub Golf, but dressing up as lady golfers can make for a very funny hen party theme idea. Don’t forget your clubs! 

image of hen do golfer

Get a Ladies Golfing hen party costume → here

13. Nurses

This is the best idea if the bride herself is a nurse, or perhaps some of the hens are. No need to go too traditional with the uniform, the sexier the better for a hen party costume.

Get a Nurse hen party costume → here

14. Cowgirls

These boots were made for walkin’….and partying! Cowgirls is a brilliant hen party theme because a lot of the look can be put together from what the hens already own. Checked shirt, long boots and denim shorts, sorted!

Get a Cowgirl hen party costume → here

15. Grannies

If you want a hen party fancy dress idea that will make you stand out from the crowd on your hen night then absolutely go as Grannies! 

You can have a lot of fun with this look by donning cardies, raiding charity shops and even perhaps taking a zimmerframe along.

16. Hippies/70s

Peace, love & rock’n’roll girlfriend! Don your floweriest bell bottoms and stick a flower in your hair to achieve a hippy-themed hen do. 

Get a 70s hen party costume → here

17. Shell Suits

If you want to shun any hope of giving the bride a classy hen do, then go with matching shell suits.You won’t need to worry about tit tape or uncomfy heels and you can really throw some sweaty shapes in those things.

image of woman in shell suit fancy dress

These shell suits cost just £18.99 each and come in sizes Small – 2XL Buy → here

18. Oktoberfest Lederhosen

Ja noch einen Bier bitte! If your gal can’t get enough of the Bavarian life then it’s time you all put on a dirndl and downed huge glasses of beer together. 

image of oktoberfest hen do

Get a your Oktoberfest costume → here

19. The Simpsons 

This one is pretty self-explanatory, you all go dressed as a well-known character from The Simpsons. The hardest thing might be finding enough blue Marge wigs.

20. Pirates

Ahoy there me maties, step aboard and don’t forget your cutlass as you all dress up ready for a sea voyage as pirates for a hen do.

Find a pirate outfit for a hen do → here

21. Zombies

You’ll likely all be feeling like zombies by the morning after, so why not got with Zombie dress up for your hen party? You can have a lot of fun messing around with the face paint and fake blood.

Get Zombie dressing up outfits → here

22. Schoolgirls 

No doubt some of the hens have known the bride since high school, so it won’t be too much of an ask to get them to dress up like they are school girls again.

23. Barbies

Is there any hen party fancy costume girlier than dressing up as Barbie herself? You can either put this look together yourselves with some carefully-chosen items, or buy a Barbie costume like this.

image of barbie dress up hen party

24. Cabin Crew 

All aboard the fun plane to hen party heaven! Dressing up as cabin crew for your hen party is a really easy look to achieve with a pencil skirt, white shirt and neckerchief. Oh and don’t forget your name tags!

Maybe just avoid this one if you are actually going on a plane on a hen do abroad, you don’t want to get roped in to pushing the drinks trolley.

25. Army Girls

A great hen party theme for brides who can’t stand pink and fluffy and feel more comfortable in combats and camouflage gear. 

This is a great fancy dress theme for a hen party if you are doing anything outdoorsy like an assault course or paintballing.

26. Mermaids 

Does the bride dream of splashing around in a mermaid tail? Then a Mermaid themed hen party is definitely a great idea! 

27. Flintstones 

Meet the Flintstones, or meet the henstones because you are going to have a yabba-dabba-hen-do if you all turn up dressed as the Flinstones. 

28. Royals 

What could be more appropriate as a hen party theme than dressing yourselves up as royalty? Of course the bride gets to be the queen (rip) and the rest of you can take your pick from Camilla, Charles, Will, Kate, Meghan & Harry.

29. 80s Ravers 

Bring on the bright colours and fluorescent gear because ladies we are going raving in the eighties! You’ll be needing plenty of legwarmers and glo-sticks to rave the night away for a rave-themed hen. 

30. Baywatch

Someone call the Hoff because we have got a bunch of Baywatch babes here. This is the perfect theme for any girls who love to show off and look hot in a bathing suit. Ideally a personalised, hen party-themed bathing suit. 

31. Minions

You might ask why dress up as those little squashy yellow things from Despicable Me, but then why not, it’s a fun hen party theme idea that you definitely won’t forget in a hurry!

32. Abba

And I say thank you for the music… and for the hen parties. You can throw an Abba or Mamma Mia-themed hen and organise some amazing costumes for all the hens. 

33. Superheroes

This is one of the most popular hen party themes because nothing makes a girls night out more fun than dressing up like superheroes! 

You can find loads of superheroe costumes online, but here are our favourite superheroe costumes for a hen party:

34. Cosplay

If you’re after a really fun hen party theme then you need to choose Cosplay as your fancy dress code. The options here are unlimited and your hens can really let their creative juices run wild with their costumes.

35. Animals

If the bride is an animal-lover then you can all dress up as animals, or all dress up as her favourite animal.

36. Decades 

If you want to take it back in time then why not all dress up in costumes inspired by the bride’s favourite era, or from the decade she was born.

37. Unicorns 

A modern classic – there is so much unicorn-inspired gear around these days, including the cutest handmade unicorn headdresses that you can team up with pastel colours and some glitter for a really cutesy hen party theme.

38. Bakers 

A bit of a random one, but ideal if your girl is happiest in the kitchen, you can all dress up as bakers!

39. Star Wars

You’ll definitely all stand out on your hen night if you choose a star wars themed hen party – just imagine running into 15 Princess Leias on the dancefloor.

40. Fairies

Another cute hen party theme that is easy to transfer into the decor and accessories is dressing up as fairies. All you need are a tutu and some wings each, and plenty of biodegradable glitter!

41. Toga Party  

Go for Greek, or is it Roman? Who cares, you will all look incredible dressed in white togas with a gold leaf thing in your hair.

Classy Hen Party Themes

image of hen party themes

Sometimes it can seem like all the traditional hen party themes are very passé and a bit cheap, so here are our best non-tacky hen do themes:

42. 20s/flappers

Why not go for a vintage theme and dress up as if you are from the 1920s or as Flapper Girls? You might even love the fancy dress so much that you decide to keep it to wear to another event.

43. Burlesque Dancers

For a classy hen party fancy dress idea, why not all dress up as Burlesque dancers from the Moulin Rouge? Particularly great as a hen do theme if you are in Paris. You could even take a Burlesque dance class to learn all the moves.

44. Monochrome

This is a hugely popular hen party theme which brides just seem to love. All the hens dress up in all black, be that a dress, nice top or trousers and skirt. Then just the bride dresses in a stunning white hen party dress. 

This is a look that really highlights the bride as the centre of attention and ensures she is the main event all night long. 

45. Pink ladies

Go greased lightning! You and the hens can really make a statement by dressing up as the Pink Ladies from Grease the Musical. Don’t forget your wigs so that you look just like Sandy and Frenchie.

Get your Pink Ladies jacket on Amazon.

46. Love island

Now you might quibble that this isn’t necessarily a classy hen party theme, since Love Island hasn’t always had the best reputation when it comes to that. But why not throw a Love Island-themed hen, complete with personalised water bottles and fancy swimwear. 

47. Marilyn Monroe

Is there anything classier than the queen of Hollywood herself, Marilyn Monroe? You can recreate the look with a bunch of Marilyns very easily by all donning a halter neck dress, red lips and wig.

image of hen party marilyn monroe

Get a Marilyn Monroe hen party costume → here

Naughty Hen Party Themes

If you’re looking for some more risqué hen party themes then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pinned down some rude hen party fancy dress ideas:

48. Inflatable willies etc

If you want to go full-on hen party along with your L-plates and feather boas then you are going to need some willy-themed accessories to go with it. 

The range of willy-related hen party paraphernalia is actually endless, but here are our favourites.

49. French Maids 

The perfect theme if you want a slightly naughty hen party theme is to all dress as French maids. These costumes are very readily available on Amazon or a a fancy dress hire shop.

50. Sexy Police Officers

We’re not entirely sure if this is a legal one, but a really popular fancy dress idea for a hen party is to all dress up as sexy police officers. This of course means that you will be needing some cuffs and a truncheon, although perhaps best to not take that out to the club with you.

Of course, one you’ve sorted your hen party fancy dress costumes, then there are plenty of ways to take the theme even further and buy theme-relevant accessories and decorations for the event. 

What do you dress a hen up as?

When it comes to choosing a hen do fancy dress costumer for the bride, there are loads of options. Some of the most popular are:

  • A bride
  • Her favourite animal
  • In a white dress
  • As her favourite food
  • As her husband to be!

Why do brides wear L-Plates?

Everyone knows that L-plates are standard issue for any bride on her hen do, but why do brides-to-be where L-plates at the hen party? 

This tradition actually stems from the times where the majority of brides were a little more innocent and virginal than they are today. When sex before marriage was seen as taboo, the bride-to-be was of course not experienced in the more intimate side of marriage, and therefore wearing L-plates refers to her Learner status. 

Of course nowadays the L-plates are often worn as a little tongue-in-cheek gesture to the past.

What if my friends won’t dress up for my themed hen do?

This likely to crop up, especially if you are having a larger group of friends come to your hen do, there is likely to be one or two who aren’t keen on any of these great themed hen party ideas.

However, if you know this is something that the bride will love, or rather if you know it’s something she will HATE but that’s exactly why you’re doing it, then there are some things you can do to encourage your hen party themes.

While you obviously can’t force anyone to wear a pair of Harry Potter glasses all weekend long, it can help if you get the whole group chatting about hen party themes early on in order to drum up a bit of excitement and discussion about outfits and costume ideas.

You could even let them know there will be a prize for the best hen costume on the night in order to add a little more incentive.

Would you ever choose to use one of these hen party themes or did you have one and want to share some legendary photos of your costumes? Let us know in the comments!

Hopefully our huge list of 50 hen party themes has helped you find a look that is going to be just perfect for your bride. Don’t forget to take loads of pictures of your hen party fancy dress looks – you’ll want to have them to look at in years to come to remember how silly you all were!

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