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Best Butlers In The Buff UK – 2024 Guide

It’s becoming more and more popular in the UK to hire butlers in the buff for hen parties, birthdays and other events. But what is a butler in the buff, and is it a good idea to hire a hunk for your event?

image of butlers in the buff uk

Butlers In the Buff :

All the juicy things you need to know before booking

What Is a Butler In The Buff?

If you’re asking yourself, what are butlers in the buff then you’re in the right place. We’re going to give you the full run down of the butler in the buff meaning, as well as some alternative names you might hear for butlers in the buff. 

Butlers In The Buff Meaning

A butler in the buff is a naked butler that can be hired to attend your party or event and serve you food, drinks, and sometimes make you cocktails.

What Does A Butler In The Buff Wear?

As the name suggests, your butler in the buff will be, rather naked, often sporting just a pair of boxer shorts or arevealing apron and bow tie.

The most common butler in the buff outfit includes:

  • Bow tie
  • Collar and cuffs
  • Bottom-revealing apron
  • Boxer shorts (or none!)
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Depending on where you hire your buff waiter, he will likely come dressed slightly differently.

Some will wear a uniform, but you can always guarantee that your butlers in the buff will be showing ample flesh, so you and the rest of your party can get a good look at his six pack and toned bod.

What Is A Naked Butler?

A Naked Butler is basically the same thing as a butler in the buff: a semi-naked man who joins your hen party or other event in order to serve drinks and provide some fun for the guests.

What Is A Buff Waiter?

A Buff Waiter is essentially very similar to a naked butler or butlers in the buff, although the emphasis of a buff waiter is rather to serve you refreshments rather than to entertain and play games with you.

Hen Party Butlers

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One of the most popular reasons to hire a butler in the buff is for a hen party. Hiring a hen party butler can really add a fun, surprise element in to your evening. It will certainly make the bride’s last night of freedom go with a bang!

The great thing about hiring a hen party butler is that you can usually have them come to wherever you are staying to entertain the hens at your hen party house

Usually a hen party butler will come and entertain you for at least a couple of hours, but you can also book for him to stay for longer if you want more hours of naked butler fun!

What do Butlers in the Buff do? 

When you hire butlers in the buff to attend your party or event, they will:

  • Serve food and drinks
  • Make cocktails
  • Play hen party games with you
  • Take photographs with you
  • Surprise the bride

You should check the exact offering of the butler or company you are hiring your buff butler with to see what is included in your booking, but usually you can request they do most of the above.

How Much Does A Butler In The Buff Cost?

If you’re wondering how much a hen party butler costs then it’s worth checking our these price ranges below: 

Butlers In The Buff Prices

2 Hours: £190 

3 hours: £230 

4 Hours: £280 

These prices are estimates last updated in August 2022 and include VAT & travel to your event.

Some companies base the butler in buff pricing based on how many hens are attending, and some charge an hourly rate for butlers in the buff. 

Hopefully knowing these guide prices for a hen party butler will give you an idea of what to expect to pay when booking your butlers in the buff. 

In order to find out how much a butler in the buff costs it’s best to enquire for a quote. The cost of the naked butler might also be dependent on the day or the week or time of year depending how much demand there is for a topless butler that day!

Do You Tip Butlers In The Buff?

Yes, as a general rule you should give your naked butler a tip. How much you tip is up to you, but the general rule would be around 10% of the overall booking price.

Another fun idea would be to include the tip in a game you play with the butler in the buff – each hen could bring a £5 or £10 note and slip it into his boxers.

Where To Book A Butler In The Buff

Butlers In the Buff Companies

There are plenty of butler in the buff companies offering naked butlers, hen party butlers, cheeky butlers, topless butlers and butlers with bums in the UK, so you won’t be short of options! 

We’ve rounded up the best UK butler in the buff companies for you to book with:

1. Butlers In The Buff ★★★★★

These guys are the real McCoy, the original butlers in the buff in the UK, so if you book with them you can be sure you’ll get a great, professional naked butler who will ensure you have a really fun night.

This company, based in Bristol, is the main one offering the hottest butlers in the buff across all parts of the UK, so they’re a great first port of call for booking a hen party butler. 

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2. Buff Butlers from Freedom Ltd ★★★★★

If you’d rather book your naked butler as part of a hen party package then a great company to book with is Freedom Ltd

Booking a hen party butler as part of a package here will cost you from around £15 per hen.

image of freedom hen party houses logo

3. Butlers With Bums★★★★★

Also specialising in providing topless butlers for your event, is Brighton-based company, Butlers with Bums.

They have a great supply of gorgeous men waiting to join your hen party as a naked butler, and they have great reviews from happy customers too!

image of butlers with bums logo

4. My Buff Butlers ★★★★☆

Another company that hires naked buff butlers UK is My Buff Butlers who are based near Nottingham and can cover most of the country, sending a naked butler to your event be it at a bar, hotel or at home. 

Booking a hen party butler from My Buff Butlers will cost from around £40 per hour.

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Freelance Buff Butlers

Instead of booking a butler in the buff from a company, you could also look for a local guy who works as a freelance buff butler. 

The best place to find an independent hunky naked butler local to you is to search Facebook groups in your area. 

Bear in mind that if you go with this option you are relying on just one person to turn up to your event and for it to all go smoothly. The benefit of booking with a company like Butlers in the Buff is that they have a whole team making sure your butler turns up on the right date and everything goes well. 

How To Book A Buff Butler

If you’ve been convinced and are ready to book a butler for a hen party then we can help you find your dream naked buff butler. 

What you’ll need to decided before you book butlers in the buff is:

1. Location: where do you want to invite your naked butler to join you? Will it be in a city or will he be coming to your house?

2. Duration: How long do you want your buff butler to spend with you? Bear in mind that there is usually a minimum booking time of 2 hours, but you can book for longer. 

3. Prices & Packages: Discuss with some of the other guests what your budget for your naked butler will be, and whether you want to book him as part of a drinks or activity package. 

4. Date: You’ll need to know the time and date that you want to book your hen party butler for, to check availability with the buff butler company.

Butlers in the buff near me

If you’re looking for butlers in the buff near you, then the best thing to do is head over to the butlers in the buff website, and put in the location you are searching for. 

The great thing is that you don’t even need to be staying in a big city to book a butler in the buff since they will come to you!

Butler In The Buff Packages

Sometimes it is possible to book your buff butler as part of a package to make your hen party with a naked butler even more fun!

Deals available include:

  • Buff Butler Cocktail Package
  • Naked Butler Hen Party Package
  • Butler in the buff life drawing

FAQ: Naked Butlers For A Hen Party

1. Can you touch butlers in the buff?

If you’re planning to surprise the bride with a butler in the buff, make sure you speak to the naked butler first. Check that he is on board with keeping the secret, playing along and her touching him.

Whether you can touch your hen party butler depends very much on the policy of the company he works for, as well as his personal preference.

Some companies have a no-touch policy for the safety and comfort of their butlers in the buff, others are a little more relaxed about it. As long as you are respectful of your naked butler, it should be ok. It’s best to check on their website as well as ask before you all go grabbing him as soon as he arrives.

2. Is A Butler In The Buff A Stripper?

It”s important to bear in mind that a butler in the buff is NOT a stripper. 

A butler in the buff is there to look pretty and semi-naked while serving you drinks and making your hen party as fun as possible. 

Your naked butler might join in with some naughty games and you can certainly ask him some cheeky questions. But don’t expect that he is going to strip off right down to his birthday suit for you, for that you will need to hire a stripper!

3. Can I hire more than one butler in the buff?

Of course! If just one semi-naked man in your living room isn’t enough for your hens, then you can almost certainly go ahead and book several butlers in the buff in one sitting. 

Particularly if you are hiring a naked buff butler for a hen party where there are lots of you, there might need to be more than one cheeky butler to go round!

4. How To Surprise The Bride With A Naked Hen Party Butler

How you choose to use your naked butler in the buff for your party is up to you (well, within reason!).

If you are hiring a hen party butler, you might want to incorporate his arrival into a big surprise for the bride.

Keep him a secret until he reveals himself(!) when the bride is least expecting it, and ideally has had a few drinks. 

  1. Get the bride involved in a game of pin the junk on the hunk (you can buy these cheaply on Amazon)
  2. Make sure the bride isn’t the first to have a go, so she sees a few of the hens being blindfolded, then sticking the willy on the man on the wall.
  3. When it’s her turn. blindfold the bride and spin her around, then have butlers in the buff silently walk in and stand in front of her. (Make sure no-one gives the game away at this point!)
  4. Push her towards the naked butler. Instead of her hands reaching the wall with the picture of the naked man as she is expecting, she instead touches his naked skin and gets the shock of her life! 
  5. Once she’s stopped screaming, don’t let her take her blindfold off yet, she still has to stick the willy on the butler – which means she is going to have to feel her way around his body! 

Butlers In The Buff Reviews

If you’re still not quite sure whether a butler in the buff for a hen party is the right thing, you might find it useful to check out some butler in the buff reviews from other events. 

image of butlers in the buff reviews
image of buff butler reviews

We hope this has been a useful round-up of booking buff butlers UK. The best thing to do as a next step to get your very own naked buff butler booked in is to get in touch with one of the topless butler companies listed above and check their availability.

Have fun with your butlers with bums!

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