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What To Put In Hen Party Bags

Seeking inspiration for ideas for hen party bags? You’ve come to the right place!

We all remember those times a kid when you would leave the party clutching a small plastic bag and the feeling that you couldn’t wait to get home and see what exciting treats awaited you?

Well my friends, hens party bags are like that but even better!

image of a hen party bag and hen do favours

If you’re looking for hen party bag filler ideas then we are bursting at the seams with great inspiration.

You might be worried about how expensive it will get, but fear not as we have got loads of ways you can make a cheap hen party bag.

They can be filled with cute little bits and bobs your hens will use on the weekend itself and beyond!

Ideas For Hen Party Bags

The beauty of hens party bags is that what you put in them is completely up to you, and you can customise it to suit the bride’s tastes as well as the theme.

The perfect hen party bag contains a mixture of the following hen do favours:

  • Something to eat
  • Something to drink
  • Something to wear
  • Something to play with

Here are some fun ideas of hen do gift bags favours:

For our suggestions of where to buy hen party bag fillers, keep scrolling!

Remember that you don’t need to buy all of these hen party favours to your hen party gift bag, just an affordable selection to add to the fun.

Where Can I Buy Hen Party Bags?

If you’re doing DIY hen party goodie bags then first of all you need to order the paper bags themselves, ready to fill with all the favours!

There are loads of great options online, some that just have a hen party design, but also some lovely personalised hen party bags with the bride’s name on.

The Best Paper Hens Party Bags To Fill Yourself

Gold and Pink Metallic PersonalisedTeam Bride Paper BagsHen's Name Paper BagZigZag Bride Tribe Bag
Price: From £1.00 eachPrice: £8.99 for 15 bagsPrice: From £1.50 eachPrice: £2.19 each
View WebsiteView WebsiteView WebsiteView Website

Hen Party Bag Fillers

Below you will find a jam-packed list of the best suggestions for what to put in a hen party goodie bag, along with where to buy all the best hen party bags fillers


Funny Hen Party Sashes - 7 Pack
Colouful Personalised Sashes
Team Bride Sashes - 12 PackTeam Bride Sashes - 6 Pack
Floral Hen Party Sashes - 7 Pack
Price: £8.99Price: £5.89Price: £13.23Price: £17.95Price: £12.99
View Website View WebsiteView WebsiteView WebsiteView Website

Flower Crowns

Dried Flower CrownDIY Flower Crown KitBride Flower Headband
Price: £45.00+Price: £25.00Price: £27.00
View WebsiteView WebsiteView Website

Confetti Cannons

What is a confetti cannon?

Well it does what it say on the tin, it’s a slightly bigger party popper that explodes with confetti or streamers, which makes it a fun hen party bag filler idea.

Powder & Confetti CannonRainbow Confetti CannonPink Biodegradable Petal Cannon
Price: £4.99Price: £2.49Price: £3.99
Party PiecesAmazonEtsy
View WebsiteView WebsiteView Website

Drinking straws

Personalised Striped Name StrawsBride Drinking StrawPack of 15 Willy Straws
Price: £0.95 eachPrice: £4.50Price: £2.99
View WebsiteView WebsiteView Website

Customised Wristbands

HENFEST WristbandsBride Tribe Hen Party WristbandsTeam Bride Wristbands - 10 Pack
Price: £1 eachPrice: £12 for 13 Price: £4.32
View WebsiteView WebsiteView Website


Everyone loves sweets and they are the perfect hen do goody bag filler to include in your hen party bags because everyone will need to keep their blood sugar up for the weekend!

Here are our favourite sweets for hen party goody bags:

Giant Love HeartsHaribo RingsHaribo Heart ThrobsFlying Saucers
Price: £1

Price: £7.50Price: £8.99Price: £1
View WebsiteView WebsiteView WebsiteView Website

Should I Put Alcohol In A Hen Party Goody Bag?

Alcohol is an essential part of the weekend for many hens, but this doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. So should you include alcohol as one of your hen party favours?

We think that you need to make a call on this on a case-by-case basis, depending what your plans are for the event and who is coming.

It might be worth checking with the bride if any of her friends might prefer not to receive anything alcoholic in their hen party bag due to religious reasons, pregnancy or personal choice.

In this case, there are loads of great non-alcoholic drinks you could include instead.

Best Mini Spirits Multipacks For Hen Do Party Bags

If you’re looking for mini spirits to include in some of your hen do goody bags, then it might be worth buying them in bulk to get them for the best price.

Summer Spritz - 4 mini cocktail bottlesBottega Rose Gold Prosecco - 4 mini bottlesGordon's Premium Pink Gin - 12 mini bottlesBaileys Irish Cream - 20 mini bottles
Price: £29 + free deliveryPrice: £24.49Price: £26.72Price: £33.99
View WebsiteView WebsiteView WebsiteView Website

Don’t forget to remind the hens to drink anything alcoholic before you head out as you won’t be allowed to take your drinks in places.

Can I Buy Filled Hen Party Bags?

Of course! If you’re a bit pushed for time then buying hen party bags filled is a great idea.

While you won’t get to choose every item that goes into your hen party gift bags, there are lots of options to choose from so you’re bound to find one that fits your needs.

Some of these ready-made options can be made into custom hen party bags with the bride’s name and the date of the weekend on them.

Here are our favourites.

The Best Filled Hen Party Goody Bags

Personalised Filled Hen Party BagMini Filled Hen Party Bag
Price: £1.99 eachPrice: £8 each
View WebsiteView Website

What Is A Hen Party Hangover Kit?

A good thing to put in your hen party goodie bags is a hangover kit, also sometimes called a hen party survival kit.

A Hen Party survival kit usually includes a selection of the following:

  • Paracetamol
  • A sachet of coffee
  • An eye mask
  • Eye cream
  • Earplugs
  • Chewing gum or mints

Pre-made Hangover Kit – £2.54 on Etsy

The idea is that in case the hens end up a little worse for wear the morning after the hen night, their hen party favour bags will already have everything needed to tend to their sore head!

Hen Party Bag Essentials

In addition to all these fun hen party bag fillers, even if you don’t provide a full on hen party hangover kit, it’s a good idea to include a couple of these practical items:

  • Tissues
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Painkillers
  • Phone number of the maid of honour/bridesmaids
  • Itinerary – what is the plan for the weekend?
  • Local taxi numbers if there is no Uber where you are going

It might not seem like these are hen party gift bags essentials but if you lose track of one of your hens you’ll be glad you did!

Hopefully you’re now feeling much more organised about ideas for hen party bags and what to put in hen party bags as your hen party favours.

Remember, you don’t need to use all these ideas, just a fun selection to make the weekend go with a bang will be fine!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, head over and check out our favourite hen party accessories.

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