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How To Plan A Low-Key Hen Party

Are you looking for low-key hen party inspiration to suit an introverted bride? Perhaps you are looking to throw a laidback, no-fuss hen party to keep the celebrations relaxed and simple and focus on the main event: your girl getting married!

We’ve got loads of suggestions for low-key hen party activities that we have been bursting to share with you.

What are the advantages of a low-key hen party?

First of all, let’s get one thing straight.

It is completely OKAY to choose to have a smaller, more relaxed hen party that doesn’t involve several nights of wild partying, thrill-seeking activities, copious amounts of alcohol and obligatory public embarrassment.

relaxed girls at a hen party

While those things are fun for some brides, we definitely all know (or are ourselves) a bride who just doesn’t feel comfortable being the centre of attention in a large group of people or in public.

And in fact, there are several benefits to having a low-key hen party:

  • A smaller group of hens means it’s easier for everyone to get to know each other quickly.
  • Fewer hens means you will have more time to enjoy with each hen and really be able to appreciate their presence at your special weekend or day.
  • Not doing a host of wild activities will inevitably keep the cost of the celebrations down for everyone.
  • Having fewer hens to please makes life much easier, especially if you are choosing relaxing activities that everyone can get involved with.
  • Not going out on a massive drinking session means that any pregnant or non-drinking friends won’t feel excluded from the celebrations.
  • You are more likely to be able to involve older members of your family if you pick tame and gentle hen party activities.

Should I invite my Gran to my hen party?

Have you been umming and ahhing about whether to invite older members of your family to your hen party?

Maybe you want to celebrate your upcoming wedding with your mum, nan and great aunt but don’t really relish the idea of them seeing you licking chocolate off a stripper or seeing you blind drunk as you celebrate your last weekend of freedom.

Not to worry, one of the advantages of a non-wild hen party are that you can invite your gran without worrying.

Read on to discover our low-key and grandma-friendly hen party arrangements!

Low-Key Hen Party Activities

1. Have A Spa Day

Heading to the spa for a day of relaxation is top of mind when it comes to suggestions for a laidback hen party.

The great thing about a spa day is that you can keep it local to your area, pick out treatments that suit everyone in the group and you might even get a good group deal if there are a few of you going.

2. Throw A Hen Party Chez Vous

What could be more low-key than not even going anywhere public for your celebrations? If your garden is large enough, then you can set up a gorgeous outside event for your hens or have a hen party chez vous.

If you live in an apartment or only have a small outside space then asking around friends and family will no doubt garner an offer of throwing it in someone else’s garden.

tables in the garden

You can keep the costs very low for this one by asking each hen do bring a dish and then spend the afternoon playing games, eating delicious food and chatting.

3. Plan A Crafternoon

There is nothing more warming for a creative and quiet soul than an afternoon spent crafting and laughing with her nearest and dearest.

If the bride is a fan of any crafty kinds of things then you could spend the time together making things like flower crowns, cross-stitch, knitting, quilting, macramĂ©… the list is endless!

4. Enjoy Afternoon Tea

A classic refined hen party option is the afternoon tea. There are no doubt endless options in your local area with everywhere from hotels to country houses to little independent tea rooms offering cakes, scones and cream teas.

afternoon tea

If you fancied keeping it even more low-key, you could either put together a diy afternoon tea for the bride, or have one delivered to enjoy at her place.

Check out our hen party decorations article for some inspiration of how to deck the halls for your hen party at home.

5. Host A Pamper Evening

If going to a spa is pushing you out of your comfort zone or pushing you over your budget then why not bring the spa to you!

You can put together a great hen party pamper evening chez toi for very little outlay by asking each attendee to bring the supplies for a different treatment.

For example, one hen could be in charge of manicures by bringing the nail polish, files and other bits.

Another hen could buy some basic products and give everyone a facial.

6. Eat A Nice Dinner In or Out

If your bride is a bit of a foodie then why not arrange to all meet at a special restaurant that you know she loves or has always wanted to try.

You can enjoy a delicious meal together, and those who fancy a drink can have one but there is no pressure to drink or dance the night away.

If going out for a meal is too expensive or too much fuss for the bride, you can also get caterers to come to you and cook and serve you a delicious meal in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Or, just order a pizza…

7. Do An Art Class

Another laidback hen do idea that will suit the creative bride is to book the hen party on to an art or drawing class.

You could choose to go with something racy like a life drawing class, or if you think everyone will struggle to keep a straight face then even something like a watercolour or pottery class would be great fun.

8. A River Cruise

Can you get any classier than a river cruise with your nearest and dearest? You can either choose to go fancy and all get dressed up with a dinner and drinks cruise,

Or you can also keep it super low-key by just hopping on a tourist river cruise in any larger towns near you.

Two other options for a laidback hen party on the waterways are punting and hiring a canal boat for the day!

canal boat

9. A Country Picnic

If you live in the countryside or near enough to nature then you could all pack up a picnic hamper together with your favourite foods and a bottle of bubbly and head out for a picnic.

Even if you live in the city there are always beautiful parks around where you can all flop onto a picnic blanket and enjoy an afternoon in the sun together.

10. A Scenic Bike Ride

Another good one for any active country-dwelling brides-to-be is to head out for the day on a bike ride.

It’s fun, different and memorable and you can also pack a picnic!

women with bikes chatting

This option might not be so good if you’re looking for a low-key hen do activity that is suitable regardless of age or fitness level, but then maybe your Grandma is the next Victoria Pendleton?!

11. A Glamping or Camping Weekend

If you still want to make a weekend of it but also want it to be a low-key hen party weekend then getting out in the fresh air and sleeping under the stars with your best girls is an amazing option.


If you’re all outdoorsy enough then beg, borrow or steal (or just buy) a a few tents (View tent options on Amazon*) and find somewhere suitably scenic to set up camp.

If you’re not the hammering pegs in and lighting a fire types then there are plenty of relaxing glamping hen do breaks all around the country.

You can spend the weekend lazing around under canvas, toasting marshmallows and getting cosy under a pile of blankets.

12. A Shopping Day

For many of us, a day spent browsing the shops with our BFFs is actually the best day our ever, so why not just do that for your low-key hen do.

You can try on potential wedding guest outfits, treat yourselves to a nice brunch and just generally enjoy the day together like old times.

13. A Day at the Beach

Lucky enough to live near the coast? Well, in fact nowhere in the UK is further than 75 miles from the sea, so anyone can hop in a car, bus or train and enjoy a day at the seaside.

Picture the scene: the sun is shining (well, maybe), you’ve spent the morning playing frisbee on the beach, had fish and chips for lunch and now you’re strolling down the pier eating a 99 flake on your way to the 5p machines.

Now that’s a memorable laidback hen do day out!

14. Casual Drinks

Just because you’re having a low-key hen party, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tipple or two.

Gather your nearest and dearest and choose a suitable location to all meet for some hen do drinks.

There are lots of venues where you can book your own private space for drinks, or check out the rooftop bar options in larger cities.

How many hen parties should I have?

This is a question that many brides ask themselves as they sift through their various groups of female friends and family members and wonder who to invite.

There is no limit to the number of hen dos you can have. In fact, the majority of brides choose to have several mini hen party events to celebrate with different groups over having the one traditional huge hen weekend.

If you have chosen to have your main hen party abroad then it is an even better idea to have more than one celebration.

Asking all your friends and family to join on a hen weekend outside of the UK is a big ask which requires a considerable financial, time and travel commitment.

There will inevitably be several hens who can’t manage it, so offering them a second option of a more low-key hen party closer to where you live is a great idea.

We hope we’ve been able to provide some solutions for any low-key hen parties you are planning.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions in the comments!

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