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How To Play Mr and Mrs

Mr & Mrs is one of the best hen party games around, and no doubt if you’ve been to a hen, this one made an appearance

If you’re planning your friend’s hen do then you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared and know how to play Mr and Mrs.

Mr and Mrs is a hen do game that takes a bit of preparation so you’re best to get organised with this one in advance.

Printable: Mr & Mrs Quiz

Make things easy for yourself by downloading Plan The Hen’s very own Mr & Mrs Printable. Click the image below.

mr and mrs

How to prepare a Mr & Mrs quiz for a hen party

  1. First of all, let the groom know that you’re going to need his input to answer some questions – his involvement in this game is key!

  1. Select around 10-20 Mr & Mrs questions, or use our pre-made Mr and Mrs printable.

  1. Print off two copies of your Mr & Mrs quiz and give one copy to the groom to provide his answers. You can also just send him it by email or Whatsapp, but make sure the bride doesn’t see it!

  1. At the hen party, give the bride her blank copy of the questions, or read them out to her. She has to provide the correct answers for each question, or she has to do a shot. If your bride isn’t a big drinker then you could also have her complete her forfeit in the form of challenges such as, ‘go outside and dance on your own for 3 minutes.’

The aim is that the bride is able to match as many of the groom’s answers as possible and it’s a great way for the bridal party to get an insight into the couple’s relationship before the big day!

Things to bear in mind are make sure that none of the questions are going to be too cringeworthy for the couple to answer, and also remember who is likely to be present when you reveal the answers – perhaps the groom’s mum doesn’t need to know where the couple first had sex…

Popular Mr and Mrs Questions

Here is a wide selection of 50 brilliant Mr & Mrs Questions to use to quiz the happy couple. You probably won’t have time to get through all of these so just pick your favourites.

  1. How did you meet?
  2. What did you both wear on your first date?
  3. Who said I love you first?
  4. Who made the first move?
  5. What is his favourite colour?
  6. What is her favourite food?
  7. What is your favourite TV programme to watch together?
  8. Netflix or Amazon Prime?
  9. Who is the better cook?
  10. Who does more household chores?
  11. What is the best holiday you’ve had together?
  12. Are you more likely to get a cat or a dog?
  13. What is her favourite Disney film?
  14. What is his favourite band?
  15. Who is tidier?
  16. What is his nickname for her?
  17. Who is the spider getter ridder?
  18. What is her ideal pizza topping?
  19. What would she most likely go viral for?
  20. What is the first film you saw together?
  21. Who is a better dancer?
  22. What is your favourite thing about her?
  23. What is her bra size?
  24. What is the biggest cause of arguments between you?
  25. Who is a better driver?
  26. What is his dream car?
  27. What is her most prized possession?
  28. What was his first pet called?
  29. What road did she live in when she was young?
  30. Who is better at planning romantic dates?
  31. What is her go-to takeaway order?
  32. Who is a pickier eater?
  33. Who is the night owl?
  34. What is his go-to karaoke number?
  35. What does he do that she finds most embarrassing?
  36. What is her most annoying habit?
  37. Who is better with money?
  38. Who is more of a people person?
  39. Who is better in a crisis?
  40. Who can run a faster 5k?
  41. What one item would she take to a desert island?
  42. What’s his favourite animal?
  43. Who is more likely to cry at a film?
  44. Who has more shoes?
  45. Who swears most?
  46. What is her favourite thing for him to wear?
  47. Who will be more hungover after the wedding?
  48. Who gives better gifts?
  49. Who takes the rubbish out more?
  50. Who is the most stubborn?

There you have our ultimate list of Mr & Mrs questions that are perfect for using on the hen weekend.

mr and mrs cake

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