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Hen Party Packages

When it comes to organising a hen party, there are a few different routes you can take, one of the most popular ways to go is to book a hen party package.

Here we’re going to introduce you what a hen weekend package is, and list a selection of large and small UK suppliers of hen do packages.

What Is A Hen Party Package?

Hen party packages are when you book your whole hen weekend through one supplier or travel agent. This means that there is one company responsible for organising every aspect of your hen party.

Hen weekend package providers can organise the following for you:

  • Destination
  • Accommodation
  • Activities
  • Nights out
  • Food
  • Payments

You can choose how many elements of the hen party you want to be organised on your behalf, but accommodation + activities is the most popular combination when booking hen party packages.

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Should I Book A Hen Party Package?

One of the great benefits of booking a bespoke hen party package is that it can be tailored to exactly how you want to have it to make it the best weekend ever for the bride.

However, there are a few points to consider before you decide whether to book a hen weekend package or have a DIY hen do.

Advantages of booking a package hen do:

  • Ease – All your bookings are in one place and taken care of for you which saves you time and effort.
  • Simplicity – Hen party packages providers collects the money for the entire weekend from each hen which gives cost transparency from the start.
  • Expertise – Companies who offer hen weekend packages are naturally experts in their field who can offer tailor-made advice and insights to help you throw the best hen weekend ever.
  • Protection – Many hen party package companies are listed under a consumer protection scheme such as ABTA. This gives you enhanced financial protection, should something go wrong with your booking.

Disadvantages of hen do packages:

  • Cost – Since the hen party package is making life easier for you and a lot of the legwork is done on your behalf, booking a hen do package can end up costing a little bit more.

    However, because companies often have good ties with suppliers and can book in bulk, you might find that you sometimes get a better deal by booking a package, so it’s worth looking at a few before you decide.
  • Limited Choice – You might find that by booking with a hen party travel agent or supplier, you are a little more limited in choice.

    Some packages will ask you to choose from a set range of accommodation, location and activity options.

    So, if you’ve got your heart set on a specific hen do house, then you might be better off booking that yourself and then booking any activities separately.
  • All your eggs in one basket – While it’s handy to have all your bookings in one place, if the worst should happen and your hen party package company should go bust, you stand to lose your whole hen weekend.

    If they are listed under a travel protection scheme like ABTA or ATOL you can ensure you have protection against this kind of event.

Whether you should book a hen party package or rather organise it yourself depends on lots of factors.

If you’re a creative sort who thrives on researching ideas and putting plans together, then we’d recommend you go down the DIY hen party route as it can be a lot of fun!

If you’re easily stressed or have very little time to organise the hen party, then booking a package might be a good option for you.

How Much Do Hen Party Packages Cost?

The cost of hen party packages varies greatly depending on what is included and on the location.

We review these guide costs regularly (last update Dec 2022).

  • If you’re booking a hen weekend package that just involves activities and perhaps a couple of drinks you could pay as little as £60 per hen.
  • If you’re booking a full hen weekend package that includes accommodation, activities and travel within the UK then you’ll be looking at upwards of £200 per hen.
  • If you’re booking a hen package abroad then the costs are likely to run into several hundred pounds per hen.
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Does The Bride Pay For Her Hen?

This is a really common question! In the UK, the rule of thumb is that the costs are covered by the hens attending the event.

It’s quite rate for the bride to fund the whole party or weekend, and more often than not the bride’s contribution is also paid by the hens, but this differs depending on the group.

You might find that several hen party package providers offer a deal where the bride gets a discount, or even goes free.

This is great if all the hens are happy to fund the bride’s contribution so she can be treated to a trip away for her last weekend of freedom.

If you’re looking for more info about finances then check out our article about how much does a hen do cost.

Who Should I Book My Hen Weekend Package With?

When it comes to choosing a hen party package company it can be a tricky decision as there are so many great providers out there.

We’ve written an overview and description of the main players on the hen party scene in the UK.

There’s a mixture of large and small suppliers so you can pick the one that suits your needs and that you can trust.

Last Night of Freedom

logo: Last night of freedom

LNOF can organise your whole hen party in 56 locations in the UK and abroad including everywhere from Brighton to Barcelona.

Some of their accommodation options are even exclusive to LNOF, which mean you’ll have to book with them to get access to them.

They are based near Newcastle and have been going since 1999 and they have a team of 30-odd hen and stag party experts ready to help you.

We like that Last Night of Freedom are a living wage employer meaning that the staff arranging your hen weekend are being well looked after.

✔ Dedicated Event Planner

✔ 24/7 Emergency Assistance

✔ Organise UK & International hen weekends

✔ ABTA protected

✔ UK-based company

✔ Trust Pilot Rating; ★★★★½


Logo: go hen

Also founded in 1999, GoHen are a very well established hen party package provider who are part of a bigger group organising group travel.

This means they are very experienced in setting you up with the perfect combination of activities, nightlife and accommodation for a hen party.

We also love that they are a socially conscious company and for every hen party booked they will plant a tree!

✔ Organise UK & International hen weekends

✔ ABTA & ATOL protected

✔ UK-based company

✔ Trust Pilot Rating; ★★★★½

Freedom Ltd

logo: freedom

Freedom are one of the longest-running uk hen party package companies and have been organising hen fun since 1996.

We particularly like their UK-based deals which offer you 1-2 nights’ accommodation, an activity and nightclub entry for as little as around £100.

✔ Organise UK & European hen weekends

✔ UK-based company

✔ Google Rating; ★★★★★

Visit website

Hen Weekends

logo: hen weekends specialise in organising hen parties for large groups in the UK and abroad and are part of the larger travel group, Off Limits.

They have a wide range of accommodation and activity options and claim they can beat any other deal you find.

Therefore they may be a good option if you are looking for a budget hen party package.

✔ Organise UK & International hen weekends

✔ ABTA protected

✔ UK-based company

✔ Trust Pilot Rating; ★★★

Funktion Events

logo: funktion events

Funktion Events were founded in 2007 and are a broader travel company based in Chester that also offer hen party planning.

They’re a price-conscious company so might be a good option if you’re looking for budget hen weekend packages. For example, you can pick 2 hen activities for £52 per hen.

Their focus is to look after the organiser of the event, so the Maid of Honour can rest easy!

✔ Organise UK & European hen weekends

✔ Dedicated event managers

✔ ABTA protected

✔ UK-based company

✔ Trust Pilot Rating; ★★★★★


Logo: chillisauce

Based in London and employing over 100 staff, Chillisauce have got 20 years’ experience in planning great events.

Like with many hen package bookers, each hen can log in and pay her own part of the trip and the organiser has an overview of who has and hasn’t paid.

Chillisauce focus on everything they do being hen-friendly, so you won”t need to worry about being turned away from any clubs!

One thing to note about Chillisauce is that they don”t organise flights as part of their packages

✔ Organise UK & European hen weekends

✔ Dedicated event managers

✔ ABTA protected

✔ UK-based company

✔ Trust Pilot Rating; ★★★★½

The Stag and Hen Experience

logo: the stag and hen experience

The Stag and Hen Experience can help you put together the perfect hen weekend package for your group.

They have 10 years’ experience in organising fun weekends all over the UK and Europe and their list of hen activities will blow you away!

✔ Organise UK & European hen weekends

✔ ATOL protected

✔ UK-based company

✔ Trust Pilot Rating; ★★★★

The Sophisticated Hen

logo: the sophisticated hen

If you’re looking for a more boutique hen package experience then you might want to consider going with a smaller company, like The Sophisticated Hen.

They have a select list of around 12 stunning hen houses in the Somerset area to choose from, which you can then combine with any number of activities from a set list of around 30.

The activity options include a wide range to suit all interests; everything from afternoon tea to knicker design!

✔ Organise UK hen weekends

✔ Small, family-run business

✔ UK-based company

Strawberry Hen

logo: strawberry hen

Based in Paddington and organising hen parties since 2008, the team of ladies (and a couple of men!) at Strawberry Hen have got plenty of experience under their belts.

They even won funding for their business idea on Dragon’s Den!

Strawberry Hen can help you find the perfect accommodation and then pin down fun activities as wide ranging as brunch in Oxford to a party bus in Sofia!

✔ Organise UK & European hen weekends

✔ UK-based company

✔ Trust Pilot Rating; ★★★★

Ladies Who Hen

logo: ladies who hen

Ladies who hen are a boutique hen do package company who specialise in hen weekends in the UK, Ibiza, Marbella, Mykonos, Palma, Barcelona and Dubai.

They can help you find the best accommodation for your hens and pin down the most fun activities.

✔ Organise UK & European hen weekends

✔ No hidden fees

✔ Trust Pilot Rating; ★★★★½

Crown the Hen

logo: crown the hen

Crown the Hen specialise in organising hen parties in Brighton and Bournemouth.

We love their pre-made packages such as “Brighton Eclectic” which includes a mermaid crown workshop, personalised treasure hunt and chocolate making!

You can pick from 17 different properties, all of which are close enough for a wander on the beach!

✔ Organise hen weekends on the south coast

✔ UK-based company

✔ Trust Pilot Rating; ★★★★½


Cluck are a super-fun company and their aim is to put together a hen party that is as cool, fun and creative as the bride.


Their focus is planning amazing events in and around London.

We love that they’ve got a really neat selection of curated hen party packages that come in all shapes and sizes to suit different budgets.

✔ Organise hen weekends in London

✔ UK-based company

✔ Facebook Rating; ★★★★★

Have you been on a package hen party weekend? Let us know what you liked about it in the comments below.

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