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Who Should Organise A Hen Party?

If you’ve recently got engaged then you might soon find yourself asking, who should organise the hen party?

As a bride-to-be, even if you’re only in the early planning stages, you are soon going to have a lot of organising on your plate.

Planning a hen party in itself can be a major challenge which involves coordinating friends, availability, locations, accommodation, activities and budget.

Tip: Check out our Hen Party Planning Checklist to make sure you don’t forget any of the important things!

That’s why most brides choose to delegate the work of organising their hen party to someone else.

Here, we’ll take you through the options of who should organise a hen party.

Who plans the hen party?

1. The Maid of Honour / Chief Bridesmaid

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The most likely candidate to organise the hen party is the Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid. As the bride’s most trusted confidante and support in the run up to her wedding, the maid of honour is usually the go-to hen do planner.

Some brides even choose to have two maids of honour which is even better because it means the hard work of hen party organisation is shared.

The best thing about choosing your chief bridesmaid to plan your hen party is that she is going to know you better than anyone else and therefore is going to be the best person to throw the most you weekend ever.

2. The Bride

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What me?! Yes, you!

Of course, if you are up for the job alongside all your other wedding planning, then it is totally ok for you to organise your own hen party.

Some brides feel better about having full control over the plans for their hen party and therefore decide that they should be the ones to plan the event.

3. The Bridesmaids

Don’t have a Maid of Honour? That’s ok, your bridesmaids are made for organising your hen party!

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No doubt you’ll have been friends with your bridesmaids for years and years so they’ve probably been planning your hen party since you were about 15 anyway!

The great thing about having your bridesmaids plan your hen party is that you’ve got ideas and creativity flowing in from a bunch of your best girls which is bound to end up creating the best hen ever!

One tip: even if you don’t have a “Chief Bridesmaid” it is a good idea to decide who in the group is going to be in charge of bringing all the ideas and plans together and communicating with the bride, otherwise things might get missed.

4. The Mother of the Bride

Don’t forget your mum!

Your mum has known you longer than anyone so if she’s up for being involved in the hen weekend and you want her to be a part of it then she should definitely be considered for the role of chief hen party planner!

Getting your mum involved is also a good idea if you are planning more than one hen party as she will be perfect at planning your ‘family hen party’.

In summary, if you’re asking who should plan my hen party, then our BEST advice would be to go for a hybrid solution.

Get your best mate/maid of honour involved early on as your main person to bounce ideas off, then give them the tasks you think they’ll be good at and that will save you a lot of stress.

Involve the other bridesmaids in a brainstorming session to make sure you can take advantage of all their creative ideas.

Looking for inspiration on how to throw the best hen weekend ever? Go check out our Ultimate List of Hen Party Ideas NOW!

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